Finance & Corporate Services

The staff of the Department of Finance and Corporate Services looks after the financial stewardship of the Town of Creston. The department, which is headed by the Director of Finance and Corporate Services, is responsible for:
  • managing the treasury;
  • accounting and computer systems;
  • transaction processing;taxation:utilities billing;
  • general procurement and dispositions. 
The Department of Finance and Corporate Services is accountable to taxpayers and Council, and is committed to the safekeeping and responsible use of the resources of the Town of Creston.
  1. Annual Report

    The Annual Report of the Town of Creston is prepared according to the guidelines set out by the Province of British Columbia.

  2. Budget

    The five-year Financial Plan lays out how the Town will allocate it's limited resources to achieve it's strategic goals in a fiscally responsible manner. The budget is reviewed and updated by staff and Council and reviewed in an open public meeting on an annual basis.

  3. Property Tax Deferment

    The Property Tax Deferment Program for home owners 55 years of age or older, and for people with disabilities, and also for families with children at home, is available for residents of British Columbia.

  4. Property Taxes

    Property taxes are the main source of revenue the town uses to be able to provide the many services that are provided to the public.

  5. Tax Rates Bylaw

    A Tax Rates Bylaw is adopted each year by Council.

  6. Tax Searches

  7. Utility Invoice Information

    Utility services for properties within the Town of Creston are billed from January 1 to December 31 of each year.