Development Services

The Town of Creston encourages development. Each new development adds to the community and helps make the future happen now. Development brings jobs, people, facilities, well-being and greater community security.

A partnership between you and the municipality can ensure that your development is a positive contribution to Creston, as well as a benefit to you. Municipal staff members are trained to answer your questions, to tell you what requirements you will be expected to meet and, in general, to help you to make an application which will be successful.

View the following:

  1. Official Community Plan

    The Official Community Plan is a land-use planning tool that is used to guide Town Council in its decisions about development, zoning and services.

  2. Zoning

    Land use within the Town of Creston is governed by the Zoning Bylaw, which regulates the development and re-development of lands. The bylaw establishes zones of land use, which are delineated on the Official Zoning Map. Both the Bylaw and Zoning map are available on-line for your convenience.

  3. Building Division

    The Building Division of the Development Services Department is managed by the Director of Municipal Services. This office is in charge of issuing building permits, performing inspections and ensuring that new and renovated buildings conform to local and provincial regulation.

  4. Cultivating Creston

    The Cultivating Creston Integrated Community Sustainability Plan was approved at the February 26, 2013 regular meeting of Council.

  5. Forms

    View forms from Development Services.

  6. Subdivision

    Any person being the owner of land or having the written permission of the owner, may apply for subdivision.

  7. Signs