The five-year Financial Plan lays out how the Town will allocate it's limited resources to achieve it's strategic goals in a fiscally responsible manner. The budget is reviewed and updated by staff and Council and reviewed in an open public meeting on an annual basis.

What does a municipal budgeting process look like?

It involves balancing what income the municipality will receive within the year with the planned expenditures and preparing detailed plans which reflect those forecasts. The budgeting process starts in the Fall of the previous year and must be adopted by Council no later than May 15th.

Why is municipal budgeting important?

Most members of Council and the general public know what municipal services they would like to have in their area. Effective financial management can help municipalities to transform their local areas into a better place to live and work.

How can you get involved with the budgeting process in Creston

Attend any of the Committee of the Whole (COTW) or Council meetings (COUNCIL) to keep informed of the decisions being made that affect the budgeting process.

5 Year Financial Plan