Building Permits

Building permits are required, not only for new construction, but for many addition and renovation projects as well. You will need a Building or Plumbing Permit when you wish to:

  • construct a new building, including temporary and farm buildings;
  • renovate a building;
  • construct an addition to a building;
  • alter the interior of a building, including finishing a basement;
  • move a building;
  • demolish a building;
  • change the use or occupancy of a building;
  • create a secondary suite;
  • install a mobile home in a Mobile Home Park;
  • install a modular home on a lot;
  • build a fireplace, install a woodstove or install a chimney;
  • install a new drainage or water piping system in a building;
  • alter or remodel a plumbing system;
  • install a fire sprinkler system;
  • install a fire alarm system;
  • install a swimming pool.

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Building Permit Application