Mission Statement

To provide effective, economical and efficient emergency services to protect life, property and the environment.

Code of Ethics

Creston Fire Rescue shall be committed to a workplace that maximizes each member’s contributions to the success of the Fire Department.

The members of Creston Fire Rescue are committed to:

• Providing a safe and healthy workplace that values diversity and is free of discrimination and harassment;

• Treating each individual with dignity and respect;

• Communicating openly and honestly at all times;

• Continuously seeking opportunities to learn and improve;

• Setting high goals and accepting responsibility;

• Evaluating performance, and providing positive feedback for improvement;

• Dealing with conflicts between parties in a post incident environment;

• Having such conflicts dealt with by the individuals involved;

• Keeping all business and personal information involving the Fire Department confidential.

Our Role in Fulfilling This Policy

Everyone is responsible for embodying the philosophy of the code of ethics in their jobs and work relationships. People are encouraged to constructively challenge behaviors that are contrary to the Code of Ethics. All members are accountable for leading by example and portraying the Fire Department in a positive manner.