As the winter snow season approaches, the Town of Creston (ToC) will endeavour to ensure that all roadways are maintained and kept accessible to all residents throughout the year. Roadways are cleared on a priority basis, according to the ToC Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy. For more detailed information please refer to the policy.

Predicting the amount of snowfall over the winter is a difficult thing to do. During periods of heavy snowfall or other extreme weather conditions, please have patience as maintenance crews work to get to your area as quickly as possible.

In order to assist the public in understanding the challenges the Town faces in snow and ice removal, the following frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and answers are provided.


Question: When the snowplough goes by and clears my road, he also blocks my driveway with snow. Can I expect the Town to clear my driveway?

Answer: Unfortunately, the answer is no. To clear all of the driveways within the Town would take one piece of equipment approximately 15 days, this is beyond the scope and resource capability of the Town.

Various private contractors provide this service; please consult the Chamber of Commerce or the local telephone directory for a list of service providers.

Question: When is the best time to clear my driveway and sidewalk?

Answer: If possible, wait until the ploughs have made their passes on your side of the road.

Tip: You may find it helpful to dump snow from your driveway to the left (facing your home). In this way the snowplough will hit only road snow and will not redeposit your driveway's shovelled snow back into your driveway. Please do not deposit ice, snow or debris, onto the street, which may obstruct and create hazards.

Question: Do the snowploughing crews work at night?

Answer: Yes. Ploughing and sanding crews are available 24 hours a day. The hours they work depends upon the time of the day when it snows and the amount of snowfall.

Question: Where should I place my snow?

Answer: All snow should be placed within the confines of your property to avoid conflict with neighbours. Structure your snow storage early on by storing snow at the furthest points away from the areas you wish to keep clear.

Question: I often hear that equipment is broken down and not available, is that true?

Answer: Winter road maintenance can be taxing on crews and equipment. Obviously it does require repair from time to time, however, every effort is made to keep equipment up and running and well maintained at all times.

Question: Is there anything I can do to help?

Answer: Yes. After a snowfall, crews are often hampered by cars parked on streets, which block access for snow clearing equipment, this creates time delays and can be hazardous. Please ensure that vehicles parked on streets or boulevards do not exceed the 24hr period as allowed per Part 6, Section 19(b) of Traffic Regulations Bylaw No. 1546. Part 8, Section 35 of Bylaw No. 1546 allows impound of any vehicle without notice if it is obstructing snow removal.

The Town cannot accept responsibility for damage to vehicles parked on streets or boulevards during snow removal operations.

Please caution your children not to play in the snow banks and snow piles as this can lead to a potentially dangerous situation. The snowplough operators cannot see tunnels carved in the snow.

Sight lines
Please do not pile your snow at the end of your driveway, as this may obscure your line of sight when exiting your driveway.

I ask that all residents please respect our staff, as they go about completing their tasks. You are reminded, that under the Community Charter:
“153. A person must not interfere with, hinder or obstruct a municipal officer or employee in the exercise or performance of his or her powers, duties or functions.”

The Public Works department is committed to maintaining a fiscally responsible budget, while also providing a cost-effective and efficient service. Your cooperation and patience regarding the above issues is encouraged and much appreciated by the Town and your fellow citizens.

If you have a constructive suggestion as to how we may better serve our citizens we would be glad to hear from you.

In closing please remember, that at the end of the day my crew and myself also get to go home and shovel our driveways, which have been ploughed closed during the course of our operations.

Should you have any concerns or questions with regard to snow removal, please contact the Town of Creston @ 250-428-2214, extension 233.

Best wishes for the winter season.

Iain Bell - Director of Engineering and Public Works