Snow Removal

During the snow removal season, the Town of Creston works hard to create a safe town for residents and visitors. Residents can help the snow trucks clear the way more efficiently by moving their vehicles off the roads, especially in cul-de-sacs, before the snow falls.

Snow plowing may result in windrows on both sides of the road. The clearing of windrows in front of driveways left by snow plowing equipment is the responsibility of the property owner or occupant.

Residents are responsible for clearing snow from their driveways and the sidewalk fronting their properties. The town is responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks that are on town property.

Road Clearing Priority

The Public Works group is responsible for snow removal and ice control on roadways and sidewalks within the Town of Creston boundaries. Roads are cleared based on their priority status, according to the ToC Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy. For more detailed information please refer to the policy.

Priority One

• Major Collectors – main routes serving as connectors/collectors between areas and routes
• Roads serving emergency routes to hospitals and fire equipment
• Public transit routes
• School Zones

Roads identified in Priority 1 will be opened 24 hours of the end of the storm event.

Priority Two

  • Remainder of collector roads
Roads identified in Priority 2 will be opened 48 hours of the end of the storm event.

Priority Three

  • Remainder of roads in the municipality
  • Minicipal owned parking lots
  • Paved recreation trails
Roads identified in Priority 3 will be opened within 72  hours of the end of the storm event with the exception of weekends and Statutory Holidays, which will not be included in the 72 hours. Priority 3 roads will not be cleared on weekends or Statutory Holidays.

These are considered to be minimum standards and it is anticipated that under average conditions all roads will be cleared within 24 hours. Sidewalks that are cleared by the town are dealt with by the sidewalk crew and are not impacted by the above priorities.


Should you have any concerns or questions with regard to snow removal, please call the Town of Creston, Infrastructure Services Department at 250-428-2214, extension 611. You may also view the FAQs (PDF).