Our History

First Fire Department
The Village of Creston established, by a motion of committee, to form a Fire Department on February 21, 1899 which was to meet on Thursdays at a general meeting. The chairman at the time of establishment was Col. Ed Mallandaine. A motion was also made to appoint Mr. Joseph Wilson as the first Fire Chief of the department. A suggestion was made for proposing the first Fire Department volunteers list containing 29 names.
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  • 1923 - The Village of Creston purchased second hand equipment, 3 fire hydrants and discussed municipalization as a means of improving services.
  • 1925 - Matt York was named Fire Chief.
  • 1925 - A building was purchased and moved to 11th Avenue North for use as a fire hall. Village council also approved a purchase of 4 hats and coats, 2 ladders, 6 lanterns, 4 smoke masks and 6 spanners. Special committee requested that each member shall obligate himself while on duty to refrain from bad language, not to smoke or steal, or be under the influence of liquor and to carry out all orders without question. The Fire Department was comprised of 19 members.
  • October 1931 - $325 was authorized to refit a Chevy truck for the fire brigade. A fire bell was purchased for $116.17 for the fire hall and is still on display at the front of the existing hall.
  • July 1935 - Mr. Canute Anderson was appointed Fire Chief over the 6 man brigade.
  • November 1935 - Questions were raised over liability for out of town fires or if injuries occurred to firefighters.
  • June 1945 - Concerns were raised over passing trains inhibiting fire protection to one third of the village.
  • February 1951 - A new fire engine built by local persons, with a 175 pressure pump and 250 gallon tank, 2 wooden and 1 aluminum ladder .
  • February 1955 - Council decreed that the fire truck would remain within the village with the exception of the high school. The annual operating budget for the department was $995.50. The value of the fire hall building was $1497.94, Fire hall site $180.00, firefighting equipment $2195.76.
  • 1956 - Lafrance Ford pumper known as Engine 1 was purchased under Fire Chief Hartley Buhler. This truck was in service till 1998 when it was sold to Pleasant Valley, Idaho.