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2020 Changes to Solid Waste Billing and Collection

On January 1st 2020 the Town of Creston will be making changes to how the fees for are collected for solid waste pick up and disposal services by moving the fees to utility billing and thereby reducing the property tax requisition. Currently, the solid waste pick up and disposal service provided by the Town for all residences and commercial businesses in the Town of Creston is funded through general municipal property taxes.  

This means that currently, all residents and commercial businesses in the Town pay for this service through property taxation, regardless if they use it or not. By changing the model to a user-pay system, only those receiving the service will be paying for it. This is essentially a change in billing practice, and does not change how the Town provides the solid waste collection service. 

The estimated cost is $90 annually per dwelling unit. As with current utility billing practice, the cost for secondary suites will be 50% of the dwelling unit cost. This will be reflected on the next utility billing cycle, effective January 1, 2020. The amount collected in utility fees for solid waste will reduce the amount of taxes the Town will collect. Therefore in 2020, all property taxpayers will see a reduction in the municipal taxes proportionate to assessed values for solid waste collection. 

Residential (up to four dwelling units)

There will be no change to the solid waste collection service currently provided to single family homes and those multi-family buildings with four units or less. Two bags per primary residence and one bag per secondary suite are allowed per week. Additional tags are available at Town Hall for $2/bag.

Residential (five or more dwelling units)

Manufactured home parks, strata and apartment complexes with five or more units are required to provide appropriate arrangements for private solid waste collection. However, these users may opt-in to receiving the Town's solid waste collection and disposal service if it can be accommodated by the Town. Please note that any multi-unit property must opt-in entirely. If you are currently receiving this service from the Town, you will still need to opt-in. Letters will be sent via direct mail to manufactured home parks, apartment building owners and strata corporations with details around what steps are needed to proceed with opting in. An application will be enclosed that will need to be returned to Town Hall by November 15, 2019.


Commercial businesses (including industrial and institutional properties) have the option to opt-out of the Town's solid waste collection and disposal service provided that appropriate arrangements (proper bins and collection services) are in place. Letters will be sent via direct mail with details around what steps are needed to proceed with opting out. A waiver will be enclosed that will need to be returned to Town Hall by November 15, 2019. In commercial areas, only bags with garbage tags will be picked up. If you believe that you should have received a letter and have not by October 25, please contact Town Hall. 

Residential Dwelling Unit Impact Estimate Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the financial impact to your residential dwelling unit. To learn your assessed property value please visit BC Assessment.

Estimated Financial Impact: $

Taking existing taxation into account, a positive number indicates owner savings, while a negative number indicates an overall increase in financial impact.

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection, within town boundaries, is the responsibility of the town. The service is currently contracted to Tip-it Waste Solutions Inc. (formerly known as Ray’s Garbage Pick-Up). Residents are entitled to place 2 bags or cans of garbage on the curb, per week, for pick-up. Tags for extra bags can be purchased at Town Hall for $2.00 each. If your bags were missed, please call Tip-It Waste Solutions Inc. at 250-428-9887.

Please place your bags or containers on the curb before 8:00 a.m. If you have recently moved and do not know your garbage day, please give us a call at Town Hall. View the solid waste collection map online.


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Pursuant to the “Solid Waste Management Regulations Bylaw No. 1900, 2019”, please note the following:

5.5    Solid Waste Container Usage Regulations

Solid Waste Container usage must comply with the following regulations:

.1    Solid Waste Containers and Collection Carts must be kept entirely on the premises they serve at all times except when placed on a boulevard or lane for the purpose of collection under this Bylaw.

.2    For collection purposes, all Solid Waste Containers must be placed next to the lane, or boulevard adjacent to their premises, or at a place designated by the Director of Infrastructure Services, or designate.

.3    For collection purposes, all Solid Waste Containers shall be placed as close as possible to the curb, or where no curb exists, the edge of the road area, without obstructing vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

.4    For collection purposes, all Solid Waste Containers shall be kept at ground level or on a platform not more than 30 centimetres in height above ground.

.5    No liquids shall be put in or allowed to accumulate in any Solid Waste Container.

.6    All table and kitchen Solid Waste, all wet Solid Waste, ashes, sawdust or any other granular materials must be Double-bagged before being placed within any Solid Waste Container.

.7    Any substance which might adhere to a Solid Waste Container shall be separately contained within individual disposable wrappings or containers before being placed in a Solid Waste Container.

.8    All pet feces must be Double-bagged prior to being placed in a Solid Waste Container.

.9    No Solid Waste Container placed for collection shall exceed 80 litres in volume or 23 kilograms in weight.

.10    All Solid Waste Containers placed for collection shall be covered with a water-tight lid, or in the case of plastic bags, securely tied.

.11    No person shall place any item(s) in a Solid Waste Container which could cause injury to a Collector.

.12    All Solid Waste Containers must be maintained in good repair and sanitary condition.

.13    The owner or tenant of a property shall ensure that Solid Waste Containers do not spill and shall clean any spillage that may occur immediately.

5.6    Prohibited and Hazardous Materials

         .1   No person shall place or mix with any material for removal as Solid Waste any of the following:

                a.  Tier 1 – Prohibited Materials

                      i.  farm animal feces;
                     ii.  oil or oil filters;
                    iii.  tires;
                    iv.  organic yard waste;
                     v.  wood;
                    vi.  stone;
                   vii.  brick;
                  viii.  concrete;
                    ix.  batteries;
                     x.  recyclable materials;
                    xi.  Christmas trees;
                   xii.  liquid waste; and,
                  xiii.  dead animals, or portions thereof.

                b.  Tier 2 – Hazardous Materials

                    i.  explosive materials;
                   ii.  volatile materials;
                  iii.  flammable materials;
                  iv.  corrosive materials;
                   v.  toxic materials;
                  vi.  dangerous chemicals;
                 vii.  unknown chemicals;
                viii.  hazardous materials; and,
                  ix.  hot ashes.

         . 2  Notwithstanding Section 5.6.1(a)(xiii), dead rodents shall be Double-bagged and placed in a Solid  Waste Container for collection.

 View the Solid Waste Management Regulations Bylaw No. 1900, 2019 online in its entirety.


The Town of Creston strongly encourages residents to recycle. Recycling is a Regional District service, and the RDCK has a lot of tips to get you started, including recycling basics and FAQs. The RDCK Recycling Depots in Creston are located on Helen Street behind the car wash, and at the RDCK Landfill. Find a complete list of RDCK depots, as well as locations of other bottle depots in Creston, online.

For more information on the Regional District of Central Kootenay’s updated recycling program with Recycle BC, click here.

♻️ The Creston Recycling Depot, located at 412 Helen St. (beside Arrow Mountain car wash) is a CORE depot which accepts the full range of materials. Hours of operation are Tuesday - Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

♻️ The Creston Landfill, located at 1501 Mallory Rd. is a SATELLITE depot which ONLY accepts the three main categories of recycling: paper & cardboard, plastic & metal containers, and glass. Hours of operation are Tuesday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

♻️ For the RBC Recycling Guide click here.

RDCK Landfill (Creston Facility)

The RDCK Landfill (Creston Facility) is operated by the Regional District of Central Kootenay. Landfill hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The landfill is closed on statutory holidays. User fees do apply at the landfill site. The landfill is located on Mallory Road, across from the Creston Golf Course.

For up to date contact information, user fees, location, and services please visit the RDCK - Creston Landfill page, or call 1-800-268-7325.