Garbage, Recycling & Landfill

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection, within town boundaries is the responsibility of the town. The service is currently contracted to Tip-it Waste Solutions Inc. (formerly known as Ray's Garbage Pick-up). Residents are entitled to place 2 bags or cans of garbage on the curb, per week, for pickup. Tags for extra bags can be purchased at Town Hall for $2 each. If your bags were missed, please call Tip-it Waste Solutions Inc. at 250-428-9887.

Please place your bags or containers on the curb before 8 a.m. If you have recently moved and do not know your garbage day, please give us a call at Town Hall. View the solid waste collection map (PDF) online.


The Town of Creston strongly encourages residents to recycle. Recycling is a Regional District service, and the RDCK has a lot of tips to get you started, including recycling basics and FAQs. The RDCK Recycling Depots in Creston are located on Helen St. behind the car wash, and at the RDCK Landfill. Find a complete list of RDCK depots, as well as locations of other bottle depots in Creston, online.

A curbside recycling program, providing twice monthly pick up, is operated by the Creston and District Society for Community Living.

RDCK Landfill (Creston Facility)

The RDCK Landfill (Creston Facility) is operated by the Regional District of Central Kootenay. Landfill hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The landfill is closed on statutory holidays. User fees (PDF) do apply at the landfill site. The landfill is located on Mallory Road, across from the Creston Golf Course.