Commonly requested bylaws

Town Council is proud of the Creston community and would like citizens to understand and embrace their responsibilities and become knowledgeable about the rights of their neighbour to help create healthy neighbourhoods based on relationships of mutual respect.  We encourage citizens to be aware of the bylaws governing their property and to foster a relationship of open communication with their neighbours.

To view copies of commonly requested Town bylaws click here.

Animal Control

The Animal Care and Responsibility Bylaw No.1826 sets out several parameters regarding the handler’s responsibility and permitted areas for animals in order to maintain healthy and safe community. The bylaw requires that every pet must be licenced* to ensure that when a pet is lost or found, it can be returned to its owner.

Adopting a Pet
The Town of Creston supports a pet adoption program. Both dogs and cats are periodically available for adoption.
If you are interested please contact the Creston Pet Adoption and Welfare Society (PAWS).

Animal Pound
The Town of Creston Animal Pound is located at the PAWS Animal Shelter - 2805 Lower Wynndel Road.
If your pet is missing, please contact PAWS AT 250-428-7297.  Injured animals will be taken to the Creston Veterinary Hospital/Clinic at 250-428-9494.
For more information, please call the Town Office at 250-428-2214

Business Licences

Town of Creston is open for business and has highlighted this bylaw to provide easily accessible information on starting business in Creston. The Business Licence Bylaw No. 1793 requires that any person wishing to start a business, or to expand or to relocate an existing business within the Town of Creston must obtain a business licence. This requirement is contained in the Local Government Act, which gives the Town the responsibility of monitoring, in the public interest, the changing business environment within Creston. This Act also allows the Town to charge annual licensing fees to help defray the expenses of the Business Licence process.


Noise Control Bylaw No. 1389 is in place to ensure that everyone can enjoy peace and quiet within the vicinity of the Town of Creston, without disruption from noise or disturbances.


The Town of Creston has a 2 hour free parking policy in the downtown core. Please abide by the 2 hour parking restrictions so residents and visitors alike can take advantage of the free and convenient parking.

Property Maintenance

The Town of Creston Property Maintenance Bylaw No. 1813 sets out conditions to keep private property in a slightly condition to reflect pride in both the private property and lager community as a whole. The bylaw is currently under review and will be reviewed by Council in the spring of 2015.