Home Fire Safety Tips

Below are quick list of fire safety tips for your home:

Smoke Alarms – Have a working smoke alarm outside each sleeping area at minimum.

Home Escape Plans – Develop one and practice it.

Fire extinguisher – Install an ABC fire extinguisher by your exit door nearest your kitchen. Have it checked annually by a qualified technician to ensure that it will work.

Fire on the Stove – Put a lid on it, turn off heat and let it cool before disposing.

Fire in the Oven – Leave the door shut and turn off the oven.

Clothes Dryers – Clean dryer, including behind it and vents at least annually of built up lint.

Gasoline – Store gasoline and other flammable liquids outside your home in a separate shed, not the carport that is part of your home.

Chimneys – Clean chimneys and flues regularly. Clean the flue after every cord of wood to prevent creosote buildup and prevent a chimney fire.