Annual Sidewalk Use Agreement

The Town of Creston recognizes the importance of providing a variety of opportunities for local businesses to promote and attract visitors to our historic downtown and economic center. The Town’s Street, Roads, Sidewalk Policy is designed to allow businesses more leniency in terms of what they may place on the Town’s sidewalk adjacent to their place of business without reducing pedestrian’s use and enjoyment of the sidewalk.

To ensure safe and comfortable pedestrian use of our sidewalk,  1.5meters (51 inches) of width of the sidewalk (not including Town’s infrastructure) must be reserved for pedestrian passage and remain unobstructed at all times.

Any business in Creston wishing to place furniture and/ or other structures on the Town’s sidewalk are required to apply for an Annual Sidewalk Use (ASU) Permit. There is no fee for this application or Permit. For details on the Policy, Application process and Permit refer to the Annual Sidewalk Use (ASU) Guide and Application Form.

Annual Sidewalk Use Guide

Annual Sidewalk Use Application Form

An example of a well maintained pedestrian passage on Canyon Street, Creston, BC.
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