Council may provide an amount for discretionary grants each year in the annual budget.

Discretionary grant applications will be accepted throughout the year.

Grants will be issued only to non-profit organizations (as opposed to individuals), and while each request will be evaluated on its own merit, preference will be given to applications from local organizations.

Any organization requesting a donation or discretionary grant shall submit its application on the form provided by the Town of Creston (see below), and include a budget for the project or event referred to in the application, prior to funding being considered.

If funding is approved, at the conclusion of the project or event, the organization shall submit a financial accounting (proof of expenditures) and photographs of the project or event. Failure to submit a final report and accounting to Council may require (upon Council resolution) the funding to be returned to the Town, or disqualify the organization from receiving future discretionary grant funding.

The organization shall provide to the Town written permission for use of any photographs submitted.