Wood Stove Exchange Program

The Wood Stove Exchange Program is a partnership between the Province of BC, the Lung Association of BC, the RDCK and the Town of Creston. This program provides a rebate for you to exchange your old (pre-1994), uncertified wood stove with a new, EPA- or CSA-certified wood, pellet, or gas heating appliance. 

The rebate value is $350. You will receive your rebate in the mail approximately six weeks following the date you submit your application. If you live in a rural area, you will receive the entire $350 rebate from the RDCK. If you live in the Town of Creston, you will receive $250 from the RDCK and $100 from the Town. 
Check out the Wood Stove Exchange Program brochure for more information. 

Find the application form here: Wood Stove Exchange Application Form.  Full, complete applications will be considered for grants on a first come first serve basis. Grant quantities are limited. 

Remember to include a photograph of your old wood stove installed before its removal and a photo of your new heating appliance once it is in place. 

Product Eligibility 

For more information on the products that are eligible for the rebate, visit the Province of BC's Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program website 

Burn It Smart 

For information on how to burn wood safely and efficiently, read the 'Burn It Smart' brochure. For more information on why wood smoke is a persistent health concern, visit the BC Lung Association's website. If you are interested in signing up for a Burn It Smart Workshop please email vissott@rdck.bc.ca.