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2018 Meeting Calendar


April 18th, 2018 Meeting Resources

ASC Flow Chart

AIBC Bulletin 31: Buildings Requiring the Services of an Architect

Spatial Analysis

April 11th, 2018 Meeting Resources

Industrial Hygienist Report - Town of Creston Fire Hall Assessment March 2018

University of the Fraser Valley - Determinants of Injury and Death in Canadian Firefighters - Feb 2018 Report

April 4th, 2018 Meeting Resources

FireWise Consulting - Creston Fire Hall Interim Measures Report

FireWise Consulting - Presentation - Creston Interim Measures

FireWise Exhibits

1 - WorkSafeBC Part 31
2 - WorksafeBC G-5.54-3-Exposure Control Plan
3 - Exposure Limits Table
4 - Cleaning
4b - 7 Steps to Clean Firefighter Turnout Gear
5 - NS FS Article Fire Attack Tactics
6 - NIOSH Firefighter Cancer Study w/ Summary
7 - Exhaust Management SOP - Pasadena Fire
8 - Firefighter Physicals Guide
9 - Surrey Decontamination SOP
10 - IARC Diesel Exhaust Cancer Finding
11 - On-Scene Decontamination SOG
12 - Standard Exposure Section
13 - FETI Decontamination Skills Guide

Mar 21st, 2018 Meeting Resources

Presentation - Creston Fire Rescue

Handout - 2017 CFR Call Statistics

Handout - Town of Creston Community Wildlife Protection Plan

Handout - Bylaw No. 1774 - Fire Services

Reference Material - Creston Citizen Survey Final Report

Reference Material - CFR Department Strategic Plan (Sept 14th, 2015)

Mar 14th, 2018 Meeting Resources

Mar 14, 2018 - Meeting Notes

Presentation - Fire Department Requirements

Meeting Handouts

Mar 7th, 2018 Meeting Resources

Mar 7th, 2018 - Meeting Notes

Update Feb 28th, 2018

The Town of Creston is pleased to announce the establishment of its Community Fire Hall Advisory Select Committee (ASC), whose mandate is to bring forward recommendations to Council for short and long-term solutions to address deficiencies of the existing Fire Hall.

View Media Release.


The Town of Creston invites you to join the Community Fire Hall Advisory Committee (NOW CLOSED)

snipCouncil invites interested and enthusiastic residents or property owners from the Town of Creston, or a Town of Creston Fire Protection Contract Area, to serve on its new Community Fire Hall Advisory Committee (AC). The AC will explore Fire Hall options that will meet community needs, and those of our fire fighters, now and for years to come. 

While the recent borrowing referendum was unsuccessful, the Town of Creston is still required to provide a Fire Hall that meets legislative requirements (e.g., BC Building Code), health and safety regulations (e.g., WorkSafe BC), industry guidelines (e.g., National Fire Protection Association), and other criteria.

Working with technical experts and an appointed facilitator, the AC will help us explore workable solutions that address our Fire Hall challenges, then make recommendations to Council for short and long-term solutions.

It’s anticipated that the AC will include approximately 9 to 11 members, and will meet once every two weeks over the next six or more months. Members will be chosen based on criteria outlined in the Community Fire Hall Advisory Committee Terms of Reference, and will represent varied stakeholder and community interests. Interested individuals or organizations are invited to review the Terms of Reference, and submit the application form by Feb. 2, 2018. (NOW CLOSED)

Applications will be reviewed, with Council finalizing Advisory Committee membership on February 13, 2018. Edit: Due to delay in receiving confirmation from all members, this date has been changed to February 27th, 2018.

Thank you for your interest in making our community safe!

Copies of all applications will be made available to Creston Town Council and staff, for the sole purpose of making appointments to the committee. Your information is being collected in accordance with section 26 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

For more information contact us here, or check out answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.