Rodent Management

Several species of rodents are found in the Kootenays including the house mouse, pack rat, black (roof) rat, and Norway (brown) rat.

Management of rats and other rodents is the responsibility of property owners. Rat sightings should be reported to the owner or manager of the property where it was spotted. Rodent traps are available at local hardware stores. In the event that your property has an infestation not controllable through prevention and traps, contact a pest management company (links below).

If you spot a rat in a park or public space, you can contact Town Hall at 250-428-2214 or

Dead rodents should be double bagged, sealed, and placed in your trash for collection. Always wear gloves when handling rodents, whether they are alive or dead.

To prevent rats from living on your property eliminate potential food sources, water sources, and hiding/living places. Detailed preventative measures can be found on the following websites:

Pest Control Companies

Property Maintenance Bylaw No. 1813, 2015

  • Prohibits accumulation of refuse and water on properties.
  • Prohibits owners and occupants of properties from permitting or allowing the property to become or remain unsightly.
  • Includes Property and Boulevard Maintenance Standards

You can view a copy of the bylaw here.