Public Artwork

Community art is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the Creston community and create community vibrancy. The Creston Official Community Plan strongly encourages the installation of public art in the Downtown Core, with an emphasis on local art. The installation of public art can have long lasting positive effects. Murals and other art contribute to building a sense of community, place, and pride. It provides opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with their community, educational opportunities, and creates moments for individuals to take a break from their busy lives and enjoy something beautiful. Public art also has the ability to spark conversation among peers and strangers, building strong community relationships.

Local art also has economic benefits. It beautifies spaces, bringing attention and colour to walls, and streets that may otherwise go unnoticed. This has the potential to draw attention to local businesses located on side streets, community events, and the local art community. IMG_5568

Let’s develop some homegrown culture. Apply for the installation of public art today!

An application form must be completed to propose the installation of public art. The Town of Creston Community Services Department is available to offer guidance.

Click here for A Practical Guide to Creating a Mural

Click here for our Public Artwork Application form (online form)

Click here for our Public Artwork Application form (Printable PDF)