Emergency Preparedness

EM LogoNatural disasters, such as floods and wildfires, or technological or environmental accidents, like chemical spills or transportation incidents, can strike your community at any time. If you're unprepared for a disaster, it can shatter your life. Your best defense is to be prepared.

  • Know the Risks – know what kinds of emergencies could impact where you live or work, and how they might affect you
  • Have a Plan establish a plan for how will you take care of yourself and your loved ones in an emergency

If you have to evacuate, have somewhere to stay (such as with family or friends).

  • Get a Kit – prepare the things that you will need to take care of yourselves for a minimum of 72 hours

Are you Prepared?

Each year, thousands of people face emergency situations that could change their lives forever. Don't be caught off-guard. Know the hazards in your area and take the time now to assemble your family "Grab and Go" Emergency Kit and decide where you will go if you need to evacuate. Remember to include your pets.

Getting your family prepared for an emergency may seem like a lot of work, but it will be easier if you do a little at a time, as your resources and budget permit. The important thing is to start preparing now. The more you do to prepare, the more confident you will be that you can protect yourself and your family when disaster strikes.

Support Your Neighbours

Connect with your neighbours for mutual support in the event of an emergency. Maybe one of your neighbours does not drive and would need help in an evacuation – could you assist? Many of us have camping equipment, like generators or camp stoves, that could be useful, or maybe you have a special skill or training, like First Aid?

Check out the Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program for more information.

Town of Creston Emergency Management Program

Protecting public safety is the priority of government. When emergencies occur, several agencies must work together to assist people with evacuations and access to shelter, clean water and food. The Town of Creston partners with the RDCK and has emergency plans in place to protect our citizens. With support from the Regional and Provincial governments, in an emergency we will activate our emergency operations centre (EOC) to coordinate the activities to protect your safety.

Emergency Kit

Ensure a supply of basic essentials in your home for at least 72 hours. Everyone’s needs will be different, but some of the most important items might include:

  • Emergency supplies including water and food
  • First aid kit
  • Important documents (insurance info, etc.), cash and family identification
  • Fueled up vehicle
  • Medications
  • Assistance devices like spectacles, hearing aids, mobility aids, etc.
  • Pets / Pet items: food, water, leash, carrier

Where to Get Important Information

Non-Emergency Incident Information:

Creston Fire Rescue
ext. 510

Emergency Notification System
(Sign up for emergency notifications)