Updates to BC Building Code

In response to the B.C. Governments initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, new changes to the B.C. Building Code have come into effect. As of September 5, 2008, all new construction and renovations within the province will have to conform to new standards in energy efficiency. Changes in the Building Code include:

1) Energy efficiency requirements for single family, multi family, commercial and industrial buildings;
2) Water efficiency requirements in all buildings;
3) Energy efficiency requirements for high-rise and larger residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

These changes are only the first steps and additional requirements will be phased-in throughout the coming years. Areas where you may see change in the future include greywater recycling, the use of lighting sensors to turn on and off fixtures as well as the increased use of recycled buildings and materials.

In the Town of Creston, there are only two major changes that will affect you now. As of September 5, 2008, minimum attic insulation has increased from RSI 7.0 (R40) to RSI 7.7 (R44); and all toilets must be ultra low-flush fixtures, with a maximum of 6.0 litres per flush. As an alternative to the new requirements, you may have your home designed and tested to a Canadian EnerGuide rating of 77. Larger buildings must meet the existing ASHRAE 90.1 (2004) standards for energy efficiency.

Additional information on the changes to the B.C. Building Code can be obtained on-line at the following locations:

Homeowner Protection Office (HPO)
B.C. Building Policy Branch