Official Community Plan

The Official Community Plan is a land-use planning tool that is used to guide Town Council in its decisions about development, zoning and services. In 2001, the Official Community Plan was developed in consultation with the public, to be sure that public opinion and interest on issues of future planning were taken into account.

The Official Community Plan delineates Policy, which Council and the public can then use to evaluate development proposals and ensure they are consistent with the community’s long-range plans. The Plan is reviewed and updated periodically to ensure that it continues to reflect the long-range planning objectives of the Town of Creston, on behalf of residents.

Official Community Plan Documents:

2015 Official Community Plan Review

The Town of Creston is undertaking a review of the current Official Community Plan in 2015.  Our community planning process incorporates a three-phased program with an anticipated completion date in March of 2016. The program will commence with:  the initiation of the public involvement process; looking forward and exploring options; confirming the vision and strategic direction and then concluding with the presentation of the new draft Official Community Plan.

Part of the year-long process will include establishing an Official Community Plan Advisory Committee (OCPAC) that is intended to represent different ages, interests, expertise and cultural diversity found in Creston.  Successful appointees will demonstrate a commitment and interest in the future of Creston. Strong relationships with other residents, businesses, or community groups within Creston is key.

Applications are being accepted by the Town Planner until March 20th, 2015 

Members of the Advisory Committee will be appointed by Council and will be part of a 15 person group. Members of the Advisory Committee will attend meetings once a month over the next year and will actively promote public input opportunities, which are anticipated to begin in May 2015.

If you want to be actively involved in visioning for the future of Creston, we want to work with you!

Application Form

Application are being accepted by the Town Planner until March 20th, 2015

Note: Paper copies of the Applications Forms can also be picked up at Town Hall.

Terms of Reference

If you have any questions about applying to be a member of the OCP Advisory Committee please email Jamai Schile, Town Planner or call 250.428.2214 ext.228