Home Fire Safety Tips

Below are quick list of fire safety tips for your home. For more information regarding each topic, please select the appropriate link to learn more.

Smoke Alarms – Have a working smoke alarm outside each sleeping area at minimum.

Home Escape Plans – Develop one and practice it.

Fire extinguisher – Install an ABC fire extinguisher by your exit door nearest your kitchen. Have it checked annually by a qualified technician to ensure that it will work.

Fire on the Stove – Put a lid on it, turn off heat and let it cool before disposing.

Fire in the Oven – Leave the door shut and turn off the oven.

Clothes Dryers – Clean dryer, including behind it and vents at least annually of built up lint.

Gasoline – Store gasoline and other flammable liquids outside your home in a separate shed, not the carport that is part of your home.

Chimneys – Clean chimneys and flues regularly. Clean the flue after every cord of wood to prevent creosote buildup and prevent a chimney fire.