Open Burning Regulations

In an effort to maintain air quality, provide efficient response to fires and having a means for residents to dispose of garden wastes, the Town of Creston Fire Service Bylaw No. 1774, 2011 addresses specifics to open burning within the municipal boundaries.

Open burning is only permitted during the months of April and October and only through authorization by a permit issued by the Town of Creston.

For open burning regulations outside of the municipal boundaries of the Town of Creston, please visit and click on the link Fire Prohibitions.

Burning Permits

Burning permits can be purchased at either Town Hall or at the Fire Department during the months of April and October.

Permit fees vary from $10.00 to $75.00 based upon size of pile and type of burning required by the permit holder.

Burning permits are valid only for a one week duration, unless revoked earlier by the fire department due to violations or where the Fire Chief considers environmental conditions are not safe for open burning, imposing a general ban on all open burning for the duration those conditions exist. Only six burning permits will be issued to a specified property per year.

Permits are required for all open fires for the purposes of burning;

          •  Residential piles no more than one cubic metre of leaves, foliage or weeds
          •  Field clearing of freestanding grass and underbrush

Burning permits for larger piles over one cubic metre and commercial or industrial waste shall be inspected and approved prior to issuance of burning permit.  Please download the OUTDOOR BURNING PERMIT INFORMATION AND GUIDELINE document to review the various requirements on open burning within our community.

Important Burning Regulation Information

Burning is restricted to four (4) hour duration at a time.

Burning is restricted to daylight hours only.

All burning may be suspended during a total fire ban as proclaimed by the Ministry of Forests, British Columbia Forest Service or Ministry of Environment.

The permit holder must comply with all provincial act and legislation regarding open burning.

Residential fires must not be larger than one metre square and a minimum of five (5) metres from buildings, fences and any other combustible structure or thing.

Site clearances and other stipulations may be made on the permit by the Fire Chief or fire department member in charge.

Permit holders shall provide shovels, charged water hose(s) and ensure that the fire is attended at all times by an adult.

No material other than dry wood, paper or cardboard shall be used to start, assist or enhance the burning.

The burning of prohibited materials in any residential, commercial or industrial area is not permitted. Prohibited materials are defined by the Ministry of Environment as; Asphalt, asphalt products, biomedical waste, domestic waste, drywall, manure, fuel or lubricant containers, paint, tar paper, plastics, railway ties, rubber, special waste, treated lumber and tires. More information may be obtained from the Ministry of Environment.

All open burning not considered agricultural and residential backyard burning of foliage, weed, crops or stubble is required to check the ventilation index by calling 1-888-281-2992, as required by the Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation from the Ministry of Environment.

No burning barrels are permitted.

Violations to the burning regulations or burning without a permit may result in penalties outlined within the Town of Creston Fire Service Bylaw No. 1674, 2008.

Cooking Fires

Open air fires are permitted throughout the year in fireplaces, grills or barbecues. This includes small fires fuelled by clean dry wood in a contained fire pit with a covering grate to be used for cooking only. Consideration of neighbouring properties and structures is required. The Fire Chief or the fire department member in charge may require extinguishment of the fire if deemed necessary. 

For more information about our fire service in the Town of Creston, please vist the Fire Department section of this website.