Development Permits

A development permit is likely required if you are proposing:

  • Developing in a wildfire protection area; 
  • Developing in an environmentally sensitive area;
  • Multi-family development;
  • Commercial development; or,
  • Industrial development. 

The development permit process aims to protect the natural environment, protect development from hazardous conditions, revitalize specific areas, and guide architectural form and character.

Development Permit Areas and associated guidelines are in the Official Community Plan .

There are eight Development Permit Areas: 

  1. Wildfire protection;
  2. Environmentally sensitive;
  3. Multi-family;
  4. Downtown core;
  5. General commercial;
  6. Northwest Boulevard Local Area Plan;
  7. Highway Service Commercial; and,
  8. Industrial.

In some cases, exceptions may apply. Development Permit requirements and exceptions are found in Section VI of the Official Community Plan. Always connect with Staff prior to subdivision, building or altering the land in any of the above areas to determine if you require a Development Permit. Building Permits will not be issued in these areas without an active Development Permit.


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