Why Your Trash Wasn’t Picked Up and What to Do Next

So, it happened again. The garbage truck skipped your house. There are several different reasons why the curbside collection team in your neighborhood could be leaving you high and dry. Let’s break them down and help you figure out what steps to take to get your home back on the schedule.

  • If your container was not out in time, the collector may have already passed your house and your material will not be collected. To make sure your curbside containers are collected each week, have your containers placed at the curb prior to 7:00 AM on your collection day.
  • During the winter it is difficult to access some regions during or after a snowfall. The safety of the drivers is top priority – if they feel they cannot access an area, they will return to the area and perform collection when conditions are safe.
  • Accidents happen! Containers occasionally are missed without a specific reason. If there is no Opps sticker on your missed garbage and it was out in time, call Tip-It Waste Solutions at (250) 428-9887 ext. 3 to confirm that; they missed your pick-up or that delays, weather or breakdowns may have resulted in delayed collection.

If you were missed, the following options are available to you:

  • Take your garbage to the Creston Landfill (1501 Mallory Road) ($3.25 per container (first 4 containers) or $137.50/ tonne) Click here for RDCK Landfill User Fees OR if you can wait, purchase Food Waste/ Garbage Collection Tag(s) ($2 each from Town Hall) to put additional tagged food waste and/or garbage out for collection on your next collection day.
  • Take your recyclables to a recycling depot (Creston Recycling Depot @ 412 Helen Street, beside the carwash or the Creston Landfill and Recycling Depot @1501 Mallory Road). You will need to sort your materials at these recycling depots.
  • The transfer station for Food Waste at the Creston Landfill is also available to the public. If you miss your collection day, you can take your food waste to the Creston Landfill (1501 Mallory Road). Food Waste taken to the Landfill will be charged a per-container fee of $2.25 (up to 4x120L containers) Click here for RDCK Landfill User Fees.

If you received a OOPs sticker, here are some explanations as to why these rules are in place: