• Recycling is collected bi-weekly (alternating with garbage). 
  • The Town will supply an 83 L blue bin. 

Recycling Basics

  • The program accepts:
    • As many containers of recyclables as needed. 
    • The containers must be clearly marked for recycling, have handles, an open top, and contain a maximum of 18 Kg (40 lbs) of material.
    • Containers do not have to be a blue bin; however, if it is not obvious that your container is designated for recyclables it may not be collected.
    • Recycling symbol stickers to identify non-standard recycling containers are available at Town Hall.
  • Place your Town-supplied blue bin at the curb before 7:00 am on collection day.  This bin indicates that you are eligible for the curbside collection of recyclables.   
  • All eligible materials must be emptied and rinsed. They may be placed in the same blue bin (no need to sort). 
  • Recyclables must be loose in the bin, plastic-bagged recyclables will not be collected.
  • Glass, styrofoam, plastic bags/wrap and other flexible plastics cannot be placed in your blue bin but can be disposed of at RDCK Recycling Depot.  
  • Don't worry about the rain or snow, recycling dries fast.  If you are concerned, cover recycling with a large piece of cardboard.              

Commercial recycling

Curbside collection of recyclable material, for commercial properties, is not available at this time. The RDCK Recycling Depot, located at 412 Helen Street is a core depot and accepts commercial/business generated recycling. 

Accepted Materials

Frequently Asked Questions