Golden Centennaires Tutor Jet Display

As a tribute to CB Lang, John Huscroft of Creston organized and acquired a Tutor jet in 2010. He arranged to have this Tutor jet re-painted in the original 1967 Golden Centennaires livery. It has been a personal goal and dream of John’s to have this Tutor Jet displayed in the Town of Creston. In the fall of 2021, he made a formal request to the Town to accommodate this memorial display in a suitable location. The display is quite large - it is approximately 32 ft. in height, 36 ft. in width, with a 60 ft.base.  The Jet display is located in the north parking lot of  Millennium Park. It's an amazing visual addition to our downtown core. There is only one other Golden Centennaires Tutor jet on display, and that is at the Southport airport in Manitoba where they trained for the 1967 programs.

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