Multi-modal Transportation Plan

The Creston Multi-Modal Transportation Plan is now mobile!

The Town of Creston’s first Multi-Modal Transportation Plan was endorsed and adopted by Council on August 23, 2022.

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The Plan identifies how active transportation can play a multifaceted role in achieving Creston’s broader strategic priorities including a healthy, livable, and diverse community and enhancing partnerships across the Creston Valley all while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Plan reflects the community’s vision for the future of all forms of transportation in Creston, as captured through two rounds of engagement involving public surveys, stakeholder workshops and interviews. We appreciate your involvement and feedback!

About the Project

The Town of Creston is dedicated to evolving our transportation network.  During our Official Community Plan outreach and other recent planning, the community expressed some clear goals for what our transportation network might look like and what that would mean for Creston.

We know that safety, accessibility, and ease all matter. So does maintaining and developing our transportation network in ways that are more socially, financially, and environmentally sustainable.

To that end, we started working on the Multi-Modal Transportation Plan (MMTP) in the Fall of 2021. Transportation planning offers us a unique opportunity to improve local quality of life, cultivate Creston’s small town character, contribute to our economic prosperity, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

We collaborated with community members and partners to identify quick wins and priority actions that could be considered in the shorter term.  We also mapped a longer-term vision for our transportation network to support the Town’s sustainability and success into the future.

Our hope was to better understand how you experience getting to, from, and around Town – whether by walking, rolling, cycling, transit, or vehicle. We worked with the community to develop “made in Creston” solutions for enhancing that experience. Parking and goods movement were also other topics explored.