Get Involved

If you're keen on becoming a part of our ongoing public engagement efforts, explore our online engagement platform. This platform serves as a hub where you can stay informed about our latest projects and initiatives that are open for public input. It's also where you can access the outcomes of past feedback and discover the next steps we're taking. The Town of Creston is dedicated to striking a balance between the needs of all community members in our decision-making processes. Therefore, we consistently seek feedback and ideas from our community.

A significant portion of our engagement activities occurs online through our platform called "Let's Talk Creston." This includes various forms of interaction such as surveys, focus groups, online discussion forums, informational sessions, and virtual panels. For each "Let's Talk Creston" engagement, there's a knowledgeable project team member assigned to facilitate and respond to questions. They are fully committed to involving the public in the project. Additionally, the Town is also dedicated to offering in-person information and resources, making it possible for us to connect with residents who may not have online access.

If you choose to register as a user on "Let's Talk Creston" you'll receive notifications about new engagement opportunities and updates on ongoing ones. Registering to the site helps the Town ensure that we maintain a strong connection with those who take the time to engage in Town projects and decision-making.

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