Sidewalk Sale Permits

Sidewalk Sale Permits are available in order to provide sidewalk use and sale opportunities in the Town of Creston. 


  • Any business or organization intending to use the sidewalk adjacent to their business must complete and sign the Sidewalk Use Permit Application and attached waiver of liability, available at Town Hall or online (see below link). 
  • Sidewalk Use Permits must be obtained in advance of the intended use. 
  • Sidewalk use is limited to the location specified on the Sidewalk Use Permit. 
  • Applicants and event organizers must have a valid business license and will be required to provide 3rd party liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000, naming the Town as an additional insured, as per Town policy.
  • The Chief Administrative Officer, Manager of Community Planning & Development or their designate, may provide an exemption to the requirement to provide third party liability insurance for non-profit or community based organizations. 
  • Sidewalk Use Permits must be approved or denied by the Chief Administrative Officer, Manager of Community Planning & Developmentor their designate within 10 business days of receiving a complete application form.

Requirements and Conditions

  • Sidewalk Use Permits expire December 31 of each year. 
  • Only that portion of the sidewalk immediately adjacent to the business applying for the sidewalk use-sale permit is available for use.
  • A continuous 1.2 metres (47 inches) of the width of the sidewalk (not including Town infrastructure or sidewalk furniture) abutting the travelled portion of the roadway must be reserved for pedestrian passage and remain unobstructed, unless otherwise approved by Council.
  • The free movement of traffic or pedestrians must not be inhibited by the applicant's use of the sidewalk.
  • No part of the street or parking space can be used for display or occupied.
  • Town Council reserves the right to deny or revoke any Sidewalk Use Permit at its discretion, without prior notice.
  • There is no application or permit fee.
  • No use or sale shall operate between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. 


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