Dog Park

Photo of dog park

Creston's off leash dog park is located at 1414 Cedar Street. The park is equipped with benches (shaded in the Summer), doggie doo bags, and water for dogs and humans.

Rules for using the Dog Park

Following the rules when using the Dog Park will ensure that all park goers have an enjoyable experience, and dog owners avoid getting fined. Owners must be in control of their dogs at all times and are expected to pick up after their pets immediately. 

Remember that all dogs within the Town of Creston must be licensed as per the Town of Creston's Animal Care and Responsibility Bylaw No. 1826, 2023.  For more information about dog licences, visit 

And remember: Overheating a dog can be very dangerous and can happen in just a short amount of time. Limit exercise and outdoor playtime during the hottest times of the day. Make sure your dog has access to shade and plenty of water.