New 'Housing Hub' Website Launched


The Town of Creston is addressing local housing challenges with a multifaceted approach, including the launch of a new Housing Hub website. This online resource aims to support residents, landlords, renters, developers, and builders by consolidating housing-related information and resources specific to Creston.

Key features of the website include:

  • Financial Support Links: Access to information on financial aid, grants, and other support programs available.
  • Secondary Suite Information: Detailed guidelines and resources for homeowners interested in creating or managing secondary suites, contributing to the expansion of affordable housing options in Creston.
  • Community Resources: A directory to connect with local housing societies, non-profits, and community organizations that offer housing support and other services.
  • Housing Informational Resources: Links to resources such as the Creston Housing Action Plan and the 2020 RDCK Housing Needs Report where you can find a number of commonly asked housing-related questions.

The Town of Creston encourages residents to explore the new website, utilize its resources, and contribute feedback for ongoing improvements.

View the Website Here